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Project Value $2.4M

Proweld Constructions was awarded the installation of a temporary underground DOM Fuel Gas Line at Wheatstone’s Onslow site. Proweld was responsible for coordinating all contractors involved in the fabrication and installation of these lines, which included trenching, hydro-testing and surface treatment.


Our crew worked on this project for 5 months and achieved 100 % NDT results on all welds with no repairs, no reportable accidents or incidents. The contract was awarded 6 wks late but Proweld was able to bring the original completion date forward by 2 weeks.

During this time, Proweld also supplied a crew of Coded Welders and Pipe Fitters to BAM CLOUGH to conduct Onsite Pipe Welding at Wheatstones’ LNG Marine Facility. The client was so pleased with the skill and efficiency of the supplied workers that the labour agreement extended from Jun 2015 to Jun 2016.

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